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Your All-Access Pass to Seamless Event Management and Engagement.

The Simplest Way To Host All Your Events

What does the application do?

No more juggling tools, no more frustrating busy work. Zoho Backstage is the fully-customizable event management platform that lets you do it all—from organizing your event to measuring its impact and everything in between.

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Zoho Backstage Key Features

End-to-End Event Planning
0% Commission Event Ticketing
Omnichannel Marketing Tools
Holistic Audience Engagement

Do more in less time

End-to-end event planning

Empower your team with all the tools they need to streamline your event planning process—be it setting the event agenda, accepting sponsor proposals, addressing attendee questions, or even hosting rehearsals.

REPLACES:  Spreadsheets, planners, and form builders

Turn a profit

0% Commission Event Ticketing

Our ticketing platform supports a wide range of payment options and 10+ payment gateways, so you can sell tickets exactly the way you want. Plus, you’ll never be penalized for your success—there are no commissions, and payouts happen instantly.

REPLACES: Event ticketing platforms

Go the Distance

Omnichannel Marketing Tools

From a fully-customizable event website to email campaigns, from customizable social banners to affiliate marketing, Zoho Backstage helps you get the word out about your event in multiple ways so you can reach a wider audience.

REPLACES: Website builders and email marketing software

Keep them hooked

Holistic Audience Engagement

Onsite or online, our session interaction tools, networking lounges, discussion channels, and 1:1 meetings make it easier than ever for you to engage attendees, foster networking, and create a community.

REPLACES: Poll makers and online discussion platforms

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What Clients Says
About Zoho Backstage

Quoc Vinh
"Zoho Backstage can be best described as convenient, advanced, and smart. We saved a lot of time —and time is money. This investment is definitely worth it
Quoc Vinh
Group Chairman and CEO
"Zoho Backstage can be best described as convenient, advanced, and smart. We saved a lot of time—and time is money. This investment is definitely worth it."
Quoc Vinh
Quoc Vinh
Group Chairman and CEO

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