SuiteCRM Google Map Integration

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People hate filling out forms, especially on the address field. It can be slow and frustrating to complete the whole address. So Devtac together with SuiteCRM came up with a perfect solution to add Google Place API with autocomplete for Address block which has field type “Address” in SuiteCRM.


Effortless Address Entry

Google Place API integration with autocomplete for Address block in SuiteCRM simplifies the process of filling out forms, saving time and frustration.

Time-Saving Solution

Typing a few letters enables Google to suggest and auto-fill correct addresses, eliminating the need for manual input.

Error-Proof Address Lookup

Google’s Address Lookup feature ensures accurate address data entry, reducing the risk of errors in your CRM.

Enhanced User Experience

The seamless integration enhances user satisfaction with user-friendly auto-filled address fields.

Streamlined Address Management

The SuiteCRM Google Address add-on optimizes address information management, making it easier to access and maintain crucial data.

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